Can A Bald Head Be So Beautiful? You’ll Know When You See It

Can a bald head be so beautiful? You’ll know when you see it

Can a bald head be so beautiful?

When some netizens revisited the old drama, they found that in the 2001 CCTV version of “Swordsman”, the little sister Yilin played by Chen Lifeng was very amazing.

Chen Lifeng’s appearance is bright and moving, and she has the temperament of an ancient lady.

When filming “Swordsman”, in order to achieve the best visual effect, she did not wear a headgear, but shaved her head directly.

She has a round head, a high top of her head, and a smooth face. The bald head does not affect her appearance at all.

Compared to her appearance with long hair, her bald head is more beautiful and refined.

In fact, in film and television dramas, the bald head shape of female stars will be seen from time to time.

The same is bald, some people really shave their heads very professionally, some spend a few hours wearing a headgear, and some people directly post a bald head.

Comparing these bald head images together, the effect is completely different.

01. Wearing a hood, p-picture looks like an alien

Due to the need for fake bald head coverings for plots or programs , many female stars have appeared with bald heads.

But because they are reluctant to cut their hair or affect the follow-up drama, most female stars will choose to wear headgear.

In a certain issue of “Mars Intelligence Agency”, Zhang Xinyu suddenly took off her wig , revealing a bald head shape, which aroused exclamations from the scene.

Although the guest of the show Wang Han praised her for her beautiful head shape, the folds on the back of her head can be clearly seen from the side, apparently wearing a headgear.

Zhang Xinyu also posted photos of her hairstyle on social platforms, first keeping her hair close to her scalp, and then putting on the headgear.

This will not only make her scalp feel itchy and uncomfortable, but also make her head look big.

The top of the head is long and wide, like a big winter melon, which looks very weird.

Recently, Yin Tao, who has been beautiful to countless audiences in “The World”, has also tried bald head styling.

When she starred in “The Secret History of Wu Zetian”, she appeared with a huge “braised egg” in the clip of Wu Meiniang’s shaved hair.

Yin Tao has a melon face with a pointed chin, and a bald headgear makes her look “one head and two big”, full of disobedience.

However, Yin Tao’s bald head is much more natural than Feifei Sun’s appearance in “Jade Blood Sword”.

Before Feifei Sun frowned, she looked like a pure “little white flower”, with big eyes, a high nose bridge, a small cherry mouth, fair skin, and full of aura.

When she was at the peak of her appearance, she played A Jiu who turned from a princess to a nun in “Ji Blood Sword”.

With fluttering long hair, she got up at 2 in the morning and went to the crew to do makeup. It took more than 4 hours to complete the bald head look.

But this bald head is too fake, the back of the head is too large, and the folds at the back of the neck are clearly visible.

It stands to reason that with such a smooth face and delicate facial features, even if you really shave your head, it will not lower your appearance.

Putting on a hood will make the height of the top of the head far higher than ordinary people, as strange as the aliens in science fiction films, and it will feel a little scary after watching it for a long time.

In modern dramas, actresses often show bald heads when they play cancer patients.

In the TV series “The Best Arrangement”, which Ying Er and her husband Fu Xinbo collaborated on, there is a bloody drama where she is terminally ill, her relatives are separated, and she reunites with her lover a few years later.

At that time, Ying Er also excitedly showed her look after wearing a bald headgear.

The top of the head is bright and bright, it is really a big “brained egg”.

Moreover, there is also a scene where she wears a wig on her bald head. Because the top of her head is too high, the wig is worn crookedly and looks very weird.

In “Giving You A Little Red Flower”, both Liu Haocun and Yi Yang Qianxi tried bald head styling.

Compared with other actresses, Liu Haocun, who also wears a hood, does not have an exaggerated head.

It’s just that after losing her hair, her girlishness is greatly reduced, and she looks a bit male.

Another “little flower” Zhang Xueying challenged the image of cancer patients in “The Birth of an Actor”.

Although it’s just a variety show, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the details, but she is wearing a hospital gown, but she has a pink makeup and fake bald hood on her face , which makes the audience feel no sense of substitution.

Moreover, her bald head is bulging at the back of her head when viewed from the side, and rounded on the top and sides when viewed from the front. Can a normal person grow such a head?

But no matter what, they spent a few hours wearing head coverings, whether they appeared in film and television dramas or participated in variety shows.

In contrast, Yang Mi in “Dear Translator” is somewhat perfunctory.

She also plays a cancer patient in the show.

Although there are many episodes of chemotherapy and hair loss, most of the time, she appears in a woolen hat.

Only one shot on the operating table appeared bald.

But netizens with sharp eyes found that the shadow behind Yang Mi’s head was too smooth, and the outline of the bald head was also very clear.

Moreover, she was wearing false eyelashes, eye shadow and lipstick on the operating table. The makeup is a bit too complete, right?

It’s no wonder that when the episode was broadcast, her style was criticized by many netizens.

02, really shaved, the value of the face can still stand the test

It is said that bald head is the standard for testing handsome guys, but in fact, it can also test beautiful women.

Those actresses with superior bones, outstanding temperament, and the courage to sacrifice for their roles have left a lot of stunning bald heads.

As early as 1993, the bold and avant-garde Chen Chong shaved his head in the movie “Luring the Monk”.

The Lady Qingshou, played by her, voluntarily ordained as a nun in order to kill the general Shi Yansheng who had escaped into the air.

In the film, the clip of her shaved hair is very real, with long hair scattered all over the place, revealing a cyan scalp.

Her head is round and full, and her side profile is soft, adding texture to the film.

She also shaved her eyebrows, painted slender brows with blue-gray, and matched it with blue eyeshadow, which was very charming.

He is obviously bald, but his body exudes a sexy aura, which is unforgettable.

In 2003, Tranquility appeared with a bald head at the launch conference of the TV series “Silver Valley”, which instantly attracted all the attention of the media.

At that time, the outside world speculated that she was emotionally frustrated, in order to broaden her acting career, or to gain attention.

But she repeatedly emphasized that she shaved her head just because it was cool and comfortable in summer.

For filming, Tranquility has hardly been out of Hengdian for two years.

Because of the tight schedule, there was no time to comb her hair, and it was very hot wearing a hood, so she simply shaved her head.

And she has a superior appearance, and she has no pressure to control her bald head.

It not only magnifies the three-dimensional features of the facial features, but also adds a bit of wild beauty to her.

Therefore, for a long time to come, she attended various events with a bald head.

In the “Ma Dashuai 2” directed by Zhao Benshan, he appeared directly with a bald head and played Li Ping, who was mistaken for a boy.

It’s probably just being selfish.

Hao Lei was also a well-known beauty in the entertainment industry when she was young, with a pair of Jianshui Qiutong, gentle and charming.

However, she doesn’t care about the image, and she is very willing to go out for her work.

In 2010, she took a group of portraits for an art photography exhibition.

In order to match the theme, she went bald and photographed the whole process of shaving her head.

With a slap-faced face and a plump head, she is still beautiful after shaved.

Moreover, with a bald head and white clothes, her temperament is more calm, and she seems to have a sense of story.

Karen Mok is also in order to achieve the performance effect, regardless of personal image.

When she starred in “Fallen Angels”, she bleached and dyed her hair orange-red, and because the dyeing damaged her hair, she simply shaved her head.

With a small head and a small face, she was not lowered by her bald head, but looked cool instead.

Later, during the filming of “The Night of the Soul”, the director learned that she had shaved her head, and also specially designed a scene where she shook off her wig, and the comedy effect was very brilliant.

Zhou Yun, who once amazed everyone with her swan neck, flaming red lips and elegant temperament, played a little monk in “Heroes of Heaven and Earth” in her early years.

Although her scalp was not exposed, her hair was already shorter than that of a boy, and the outline of her bones was clearly visible.

She has almost no makeup on her face, her brows and eyes are full of heroism, and there is a kind of androgynous beauty.

Zhou Yun and Jiang Wen also became attached to this play. Her fresh and refined temperament and unique beauty left a deep impression on Jiang Wen.

There are also many young actors who are willing to sacrifice their image for the role.

For example, Zhou Dongyu, the “Queen of Three Golden Shadows”, shaved a super-short hair close to the bald head in “Youth of You”.

After losing her hair, her already delicate facial features became more three-dimensional, and her temperament changed from pure and weak to cold and distant.

There is also a little-known actor Wang Herun, who actually shaved his head in the movie “Whose Youth Is Not Confused”.

In fact, there are only one or two shots in the film that require her to appear with a bald head.

It could have been done through makeup technology, but in order to be more realistic, she directly asked the makeup artist to shave all her hair.

The final effect is really good, not only does it not let the audience play, but also makes the originally delicate facial features more recognizable.

Later, when she attended the press conference and promoted the program, she also appeared with a bald head.

I have to say, this girl is really hardworking.


In fact, it is not incomprehensible that actresses do not want to shave their heads.

After all, the hair will not grow back for a while, which may affect the subsequent work.

And the bald head is really not everyone can control, at least the face should not be left too much, and the head shape and face shape are smooth.

It’s just that these “bald” actresses who dare to shave their heads are indeed more natural and beautiful, and their attitudes are more dedicated.

Which actress’s bald look is your favorite?

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