Beijing Is A First-tier City That Sells Male Wigs, But If You Can Buy One That Suits You, You Need To Search More Online.

Beijing is a first-tier city that sells male wigs , but if you can buy one that suits you, you need to search more online.

(Jason Wig) How do boys wear wigs? How much does it look natural? Beijing belongs to the first-tier cities. There are many men’s wigs in the market, but if you can buy the one that suits you, you need to search more online male wigs in physical stores, and go to the physical store to compare each one. The difference between various crafts, department stores and street stores are generally finished products and cannot be customized. If you want better results, you can go to the specialty store in the office building. This kind of products mainly sells handmade real hair products. You can choose from more professional spot and customized products. , you can trim and match the hairstyle according to the face shape on site. ,It is better to compare the old women’s wig brands with physical stores. From the aspects of consultation, product quality, hair stylist technology, and after-sales service, if you choose a physical store with a factory in your own home, you can customize it according to the area of ​​hair loss. 100% real hair, pure handmade, so that it will not be stuffy when worn for a long time. After all, it is something worn on the head. The effect and comfort are very important, so be sure to choose good air permeability.

Customized wigs are basically hand-woven human hair wigs, imitating the texture flow of natural hair growth, woven one by one, so it is more realistic in itself, and in order to achieve the desired effect, it will also be designed one-to-one. So it is very natural and realistic.

There are many women’s real hair wigs with long hair, but they are also divided into two categories, one is the street shop, the other is the shop in the office building, these two have different styles, the street shop is to enter the store and pick a suitable one. Just walk on the head, which often does not achieve a particularly perfect effect. Another custom shop is to customize the film according to the size of your head. This effect is particularly good. Generally open in office buildings, you can find them with a map! ,The general process of men’s flat head wig is to measure the head mold, obtain relevant parameters such as hair color, hair length, and flow direction, and then send it to the factory for production, especially after trimming and payment. If you want to be particularly satisfied with the whole process, the key lies in the level of service experience. You can search the word-of-mouth of relevant stores online to know the level of service. In addition, the trim level of the stylist is also very important, and you can make a judgment yourself based on the case pictures.

It is better to choose a real hair wig brand to find a factory-operated store with a physical store, and the after-sales service is guaranteed; choose one that can be customized according to the size of the head, and be sure to choose 100% real hair, hand-crocheted, so that it can be worn for a long time. It will not be stuffy, the effect is realistic and natural, and the air permeability of pure hand-woven is better. After the customer arrives at the store and roughly understands the real wig product, the store will usually make a quotation according to the customer’s needs. The needs of customers are mainly concentrated in three aspects, which are also the core parameters of the quotation: hairstyle (whether the forehead is exposed to the hairline), area and length. Those who want to reveal the hairline, those who want a large area, and those who want a longer length all need a slightly more expensive price to buy. But no matter what the demand is, there is a starting price, which is also the concept of the factory cost: since a real wig needs at least ten days for workers to crochet, the labor cost for these 10 days is almost 1,000 yuan. The starting cost must be more than 1,000 yuan. You should fully understand this before going to the store. , The washed wig should be dried naturally, not in a hurry with the sun. After washing the wig, use a towel to absorb the water of the wig, and do not dry the wig by hand. Then put the wig in a cool place and wait for it to dry naturally, don’t rush to use the sun. , When the weather is hot, when you don’t wear wigs often, you can wash the wigs with water. Wash the wig with water, soak it in a basin of water for 5-10 minutes. Over time, the strands of hair tend to fall out. Then slowly wash the male wig with your hands, Stir the water to remove dust, do not rub and wash vigorously. You can use your hands to gently grab the hair and rinse the hair. After washing, change the basin water to wash it again. Many friends have various worries before choosing to wear a wig. The most worry is whether wearing a wig is good for their own health, and can understand people’s worries about unknown things. Simply speaking, there is not much difference between wearing a wig and wearing a hat. A wig is actually just a hat with a hairstyle. Its breathability and comfort have far exceeded the breathability and comfort of hats. Wearing wigs can not only change our hairstyle, but also make up for the defects of our own hair, and it can prevent the direct irradiation of ultraviolet rays on our hair and scalp. If you wear a wig locally, it will be more comfortable, and you will not feel the burden of wearing a wig at all. , Jason wig hair weaving is one of many wigs, professional wig shops will have various types of wig products, where is this problem nearby where you need to see? In general, there will be storefronts in shopping malls in cities, and some professional private custom stores will be opened in office buildings!

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