Before The Bangs Were Not Real, I Felt That She Was A Very Funny Person!

Before the bangs were not real, I felt that she was a very funny person!

Before, iQIYI produced an online drama by itself, starring Yoko Ramu. Because of her round face, good acting skills, and full of laughs, the post-00s generation likes Internet celebrity comedy artists. Although she only has one masterpiece, she is very popular. She often posts photos of her life and various travel selfies on Weibo. It can be seen that she is a girl with a colorful life. Yoko Ramei likes to laugh very much, and there is a small dimple on her face. Fans like to see her smile, just think it is very cute. But what’s interesting is that recently, the photo of her wearing fake bangs has attracted onlookers, and everyone can’t think that the bangs are not real, and I feel that she is indeed a very funny person!


Let’s observe the whole process of Yoko Rame wearing a wig . What I see now is real hair without bangs, which is not the same as before. She is wearing a pink shirt, which is quite simple and girly!

Then she fixed the fake bangs carefully so that they blended in with the real hair, so that everyone could not see it. When Yoko Rame was arranging her hair, she accidentally exposed her light yellow nails. She had a little fresh beauty and more girlish charm!


Although after wearing fake bangs, there is no sense of disobedience, and I even feel a little cute, but I always feel deceived in my heart, so fans said: I don’t love it anymore! In fact, Yoko Rame’s outfit is quite beautiful. She uses a pink shirt with a black plaid skirt. The combination of ladylike and college style is very beautiful!


Next, let’s look at Yoko’s hot eyes with other hairstyles , can you tell if she has short hair tied into two small braids and fake bangs ? The makeup on her face is very beautiful, especially the bright lipstick color, which complements her temperament very well!

She dressed up like a beauty of the Republic of China, with a unique charm, wearing a long white dress with a mesh veil, which made her feel more romantic. Holding a fan in the right hand, the fan surface is designed with white plush, which is as soft as kapok, and has a unique beauty!

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