Bald Girl Berry! Schoolgirl Stars Wear Wigs, I Decided To Take Everyone To “curve To Save The Country”!

Bald girl Berry! Schoolgirl stars wear wigs , I decided to take everyone to “curve to save the country”!

Hello sisters, today is the bald girl Berry!

Thinking that “baldness” is the common trouble of many sisters, but “increasing hair” is not a day’s work, so I decided to take everyone to “curve to save the country”! Schoolgirl stars wear wigs!

Ju Jingyi is a very successful example. ▼

Her early hairstyle was a bit close to the scalp, with obvious hair seams, and it seemed that the hair volume was thin. Ju Jingyi, who covers her hair seam well, looks full of hair volume and is a full “rich man with hair volume”!

And with the addition of fluffy hair, the overall shape is very coordinated, and it can perfectly set off Ju Jingyi’s slap face.

Losing the advantage of hair volume, the beauty of the fairy sister is also damaged!


It can be seen how important the influence of hair volume on the appearance is. ▼

But not everyone is born with thick hair. A beauty like Yang Mi has less hair and a high hairline. She is so much Cue by fans that she even wants to go for a hair transplant. I feel sorry for my sister Mi for three seconds▼

Meng Meiqi once threw a wig, it was a super neat head shake, but the wig was thrown out mischievously, how can Qiqi lose face? ▼

And female stars like Yang Chaoyue with thick hair actually use wigs! And it is very natural to take it off by myself, so I don’t think fans are outsiders! ▼

Not only female stars are serious about the issue of hair volume, but even some male stars can’t refuse the charm of wigs~~~

Peng Yuchang is also an old wig maker. ▼

When he participated in Happy Camp in 2018, he gave Wu Xin a gift in the show. When he tried on the decompression ball head cover and removed it, he accidentally took off the wig, and then the guests at the scene burst into laughter.


Also, on “Wonderful Flowers”, Ran Gaoming was too excited to debate, and the fake bangs actually took off in Wuhu. He then laughed and said, “Open the skylight and say something bright.” He asked if the paragraph just now could be cut, but it was played on a ruthless loop. ▼

Ran Gaoming may not have thought that there would be a second time at the moment of the society’s death. When Ran Gaoming and Song Qian were broadcasting live, Song Qian explained with a hairdryer in hand, and Song Qian, who was unaware, blew over Ran Gaoming’s fake bangs again innocently. Ran Gaoming is too difficult…

Han Meijuan’s wig fall incident , the boy’s wig and bangs made me laugh! When he and Meng Jia delivered goods live, the large-scale social death scene where the wig accidentally fell off, and Meng Jia’s laughter overflowing the screen next to him made him the most popular. ▼

And when he participated in “Creation Camp 2021”, he not only wore a wig to decorate his high forehead, but also prepared a small gift for each student when he entered the camp – a wig. When he took out the gift he had carefully prepared, the younger brothers shouted: “No”.

Not only that, Han Meijuan also shared her own tutorial on wearing hairline ▼

First, stick a waterproof and sweat-proof tape to the bionic scalp.

Then press, close to the forehead. Then use a comb to comb the hair above, so that your hair and the wig are integrated. Mom doesn’t have to worry about my baldness anymore~


After watching so many celebrities use wigs, they don’t have as much hair as they do in front of the screen. After all, “baldness” is the mainstream of young people. Therefore, if we want to avoid baldness, we must prevent it from the root cause! !

1. Regular work and rest to ensure that you have 6-8 hours of sleep every day

2. Avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, which will damage the hair, make the hair dry and yellow, and cause hair loss.

3. Avoid overeating foods high in sugar

4. Proper head massage can play a certain role in promoting hair growth.

5. Scientific shampooing water temperature is moderate , boys wig bangs , the frequency is appropriate, and it must be dried

6. Reduce hot dyeing

Maybe you are one hair away from a female star~~

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