Are There Any Styles Of Long Curly Wigs That Suit You? First Love Bangs Layered Clavicle Hair!

Long curly wig is there any style that suits you! First love bangs layered clavicle hair!

The last time the wig style changed, the little blogger showed 5 different wig styles to his friends, this time because a new batch of bald-headed bobo heads and rough short hair arrived a while ago, so I trimmed it again. A few styles are out, let’s see if they look good~ Let’s see if any of the styles this time are suitable for you!

1. First love bangs layered clavicle hair

First love bangs are lighter and thinner than ordinary air bangs, and this thinness should be the first choice for most Internet celebrities at this stage. Compared with bangs, the level of the hair tail is the focus of this style. The layers of the ends of the hair gradually increase in length from top to bottom, and the layers are very layered.

Isn’t shark clips very popular now? This hairstyle is a completely different style with shark clips, and fried chicken looks good too!

2. Temperament short hair

This kind of short hair is the real short hair, the kind with exposed ears, the length is about 15 cm. This kind of bangs is a very conventional type in short hair, and it feels very temperamental, refreshing and capable when worn. And this short hair style is suitable for all ages, and different age groups will have different styles. If you want to try short hair but have never tried it, you can try it!

3. Dog chewing bangs with short hair

The overall shape of the short hair is similar to the above, the difference is that the bangs are different. A few years ago, Guo Caijie brought the dog gnawing bangs on fire for a period of time. Later, many celebrities cut this hairstyle, and now it has become a popular trend. However, it is true that dogs gnawing bangs are not suitable for everyone. For example, long faces and wide foreheads are not suitable for dogs gnawing bangs. But as long as it is a lady who is suitable for dogs to chew bangs, it looks good when worn, and reduces age by 100 points!

4. Cute Bob

Bobo head refers to the “mushroom head” with hair length to the chin position, but after many years of evolution, it has long lost the appearance of the previous mushroom head. Compared with the current bob head, it is lighter and thinner, and it is becoming more and more cute. The most amazing thing about bobs is that they have a way to fit no matter the face shape. It is also a kind of hairstyle that is very age-reducing and tender. Who doesn’t like a cute little sister~

The above 4 hairstyles are the wigs of different shapes that we trimmed recently. This time, instead of using the super-long wigs and curly wigs last time , we added very short hair with dew ears. I just wanted to cut more styles. Different lengths and different shapes can have more choices. In the future, there will be new styles that will be released for everyone to see and see if there are any styles you like~

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