A Short Wig, A Two-dimensional Living Fossil Of Anime Age = Actual Age

Short wig , a two-dimensional living fossil of anime age = actual age

As a two-dimensional living fossil with anime age = actual age, the most favorite place to visit is the comic exhibition. When I see a favorite character being played by Coser, I feel happy, very happy, very happy, and it feels like I love it. Anime characters live in the same sky and breathe the same air.

But there is also a problem. Friends who like Cos know that the most important thing is reduction, but the hair color of anime characters is always so detached. If you want to perfectly present a character, it is absolutely impossible to choose, wear and take care of wigs. Take it lightly.

Unique hair color hairstyles create unique anime characters, and hair color hairstyles have become a key part that needs to be paid attention to. Today, let’s talk about the little things about wigs in Cos.

suitable wig

The wig is an indispensable part. The wig is a part of the costume and part of the character. Like the props, it is essential for styling.

When identifying characters, we mostly identify them through wigs, costumes and props, and it is judged that wigs account for a large part of the restoration time.

An excellent Coser must be loyal to the role of restoration, with restoration as the first priority, followed by aesthetics and comfort.

There are many types of wigs. People often come into contact with high-temperature wire, card wire, and human hair. Of course, there are many other types, but in general, high-temperature wire and card wire are used, so I won’t explain much. . The following introduction is also based on high temperature wire and card wire.

Let’s compare the parameters first:

1. The high temperature wire can withstand high temperature of 200 degrees, and the card wire can withstand 80 degrees. This shows that wigs made of high-temperature silk can be styled with curling irons or straight clips, while wigs made of card silk can only be dried with the medium and low temperature of the hair dryer.

2. The hair of high temperature wire is thinner, and the hair of card wire is thicker.

3. The high-temperature wire is about 3/5 of the thickness of the card wire, so it is normal for the high-temperature wire on the same wig to have more hairs than the card wire, and the actual effect is the same thickness.

4. The high temperature wire is relatively soft, and the card wire is relatively hard.

5. The reflective degree of high temperature wire and card wire is the same, which is determined according to the color (for example, gray wigs are basically not reflective).

6. The sense of shape, the high temperature wire will never be as good as the card wire. High temperature wire is only suitable for these types of styles: curling straight hair, straightening curly hair, perming MSN wig upside-down short wig , any other style is the most suitable for Kasi.

From the above parameters, it can be seen that high temperature wire and card wire are quite different. The advantage of high-temperature wire is that it can be ironed and rolled freely, it is softer to the touch, and it is more natural to wear it out. The advantage of Cass is that it can do some exaggerated and high-support shapes.

For wig styling, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish what material the wig is holding in the short wig , and then shape it.

In addition to the hair itself, you need to pay special attention to a few points:

Correct posture for wearing Cos wigs

Combing: First, comb the fake hair smoothly. The specific mathematical method is explained in detail in the “Cos Wig Care” below, and then start to wear it.

Wearing method: Both short hair and long hair are worn the same way, but when wearing Cos long hair, it is best to have someone assist or use Kass. If there is a hairnet, put the hair into the hairnet completely. When using the hairnet, try to pick it as tightly as possible, so that it is not easy to reveal the real hair.

Specific steps: When wearing short Cos hair, bow your head and find the middle part of the front end of the wig, and wear it by pressing the bangs in front of the hair root. If you have long Cos hair, turn the hair back to the front and pull the back end of the wig to cover the real hair. Then grab the wig in front and slowly put it in the back so that the wig is naturally vertical.

Care of Cos Wigs

Combing: Put the Cos wig on the dummy, let the wig be naturally vertical, short hair is easy to comb, and then mainly explain the long hair. For Cos long hair, spray the conditioner or hair oil first, and then comb it from the bottom to the top. If you encounter hair knots that are really unclear, you can use scissors to cut them.

When combing wigs, remember not to use plastic combs! You can use iron combs, wooden combs, and horn combs, as long as they can prevent static electricity. (Because static electricity can cause serious knots in wigs.) If you need to straighten the wig at Comic-Con, if you really don’t have the tools, it is better to do it by hand than with a plastic comb.

And don’t ever expect to be able to get a wig completely smooth – after all, it is a lifeless thing, how can it be so easy to be completely smooth? The longer the wig, the easier it is to get knotted. Therefore, the principle of combing is: as long as the surface looks smooth, it is OK.

Cleaning: Soak the wig in cold water, add a little shampoo, squeeze gently, take it out, stick it on the outside with a towel to absorb the water, and hang it in a cool place to air dry. Don’t wash the wig casually, this thing has a short lifespan once it is washed.

Care: Buy a bottle of hair oil for wigs. When caring for Cos wigs, first mix the oil with water and spray it on the wig, comb it with a special wig comb, and then hang it to dry in the shade.

Storage: Cos wigs can be reused many times if they are stored well. Basically, buying one style can be used once and for all for a series of characters.

When the Cos wig is not in use, put it in the wig soft net, and then put it in the packaging bag for moisture-proof treatment.

If Cos long hair is too long, it needs to be folded in half, and the number of folds should not exceed 2 times, and it should be placed in a place where heavy objects cannot overwhelm it.

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