A College Student In Shenyang Mixed Into A Girl’s Dormitory In The Middle Of The Night, And The Girl Shouted “Show Your Face And Show Your Face”

A college student in Shenyang mixed into a girl’s dormitory in the middle of the night, and the girl shouted “Show your face and show your face”

On the morning of June 30, a student broke the news on the Internet that the female dormitory of Shenyang Aeronautics and Astronautics University… entered a “monster”!

It turned out that in the middle of the night, a man suddenly mixed into the girl’s dormitory with a wig , a wig on his head, a bachelor’s uniform, and only a pair of blue underwear on his lower body, hiding in the corner of the toilet and corridor. After being discovered, the security guards controlled a man with a very embarrassed and funny look.

After the wig was torn off, the man covered his face with a bachelor’s uniform.

The man was then taken out of the girls’ dormitory by security guards.

An insider said that the man was a native of Shenyang, not only peeping, but also stealing girls’ underwear…

The girls at the scene were more excited and shouted “Show your face and show your face”

That scene was pretty out of control!

After the man was found, he said he was looking for a girlfriend.

“I don’t know what his purpose is, he is about to graduate, and all the girls are panicking. There are so many girls who really have no choice. I hope we can get more help. I hope the school can pay attention to this kind of incident. This kind of thing, everyone protect yourself!” said a girl from the school.

Around 1:00 a.m. on June 30, the students’ circle of friends started to forward the incident. So far, many Weibo big Vs, media, and self-media public accounts across the country have forwarded this event! And dubbed the label of “wretched man” and “perverted man”, is this really the case?

The man involved is a student of the school

Who is the man who broke in? Xiao Li (pseudonym), a girl in the dormitory on the third floor, relayed the information seen in the circle of friends, “I heard that she was a sophomore in mechanical and electrical engineering, and now she is a freshman in the School of Economics and Management.”

Just as the incident was quickly fermenting on the Internet, another voice was also circulating on the Internet. A netizen said, “This person is my brother, and I have worked with me for a while, sometimes unreliable but absolutely loyal. Yesterday, he disguised himself as a woman and went to the girl’s bed just because he was having trouble with his girlfriend and wanted to go in and explain it. As Bo Shang said, he is our classmate no matter what, and we don’t want him to bear such a big misunderstanding before he graduates.”

The reporter contacted the schoolmate Ma, the boy’s classmate. Ma said that the boy Xiaoming (pseudonym) was indeed a student of the school, but did not disclose more information. That night, Xiao Ming’s girlfriend wanted to break up with him, so she never left the dormitory to see Xiao Ming. “I don’t know if he is smart or stupid, but after thinking about it.”

Classmate Ma sighed helplessly. Xiaoming was discovered not long after he entered the building. “Do you think he could be undetected by dressing like that?” After being discovered, Xiaoming started to run, but classmate Ma explained that Xiaoming was not because he did it. He ran away because of bad things, “He drank that day, and he wanted to get rid of everyone to see his girlfriend.” In addition, classmate Ma also emphasized that Xiaoming did nothing, “If you want to do something, how can you choose a female bed? So many people are there.”

Ma said that Xiaoming did not enter the police station, but was in the security office, talking with the teacher and going through some procedures.

school voice

At about 17 o’clock in the afternoon, the school’s propaganda director, Minister Liu, made three points in an interview with reporters.

First, through the investigation, the boy thought of disguising himself as a woman because his girlfriend broke up with him, and the rules do not allow boys to enter the women’s dormitory;

Second, after receiving the report, the security department immediately dispatched to protect the students and quickly brought the boys under control;

Third, the school notified the student’s parents. After the parents discussed with the student after arriving at the school, the student took the initiative to withdraw from the school. The school also accepted the application, and the relevant matters are going through the process.

In addition, Minister Liu also said that even if the student does not voluntarily apply for withdrawal, the school will take serious action when such incidents occur. After the incident, the school will consider installing surveillance in the dormitory building and strengthening the training of dormitory staff.

netizens say

Little Baozaijun Meng Xinjun: I can’t bear it, no matter whether it’s a pervert or a prank, there is something called the bottom line of morality. At night, I wear underwear, a bachelor’s uniform, and a wig. This is being caught. In case of an accident, the male wears a wig , who is to blame? Blame the girl for being in the bedroom at night?

Fang Pian Mi: Wearing panties and a wig at night

Even if he is looking for a girlfriend, who can guarantee that he has not peeped at other girls, and that some netizens who think “normal behavior” can guarantee it?

How many you _: Saying girls are excited, saying girls are too much. You still explode in place. It really doesn’t matter

Q: A boy disguised himself as a woman and ran to the girls’ dormitory in the middle of the night and scolded girls? ? what happened to the girl? ? ? I don’t think it’s good to beat him.

The security probably wanted to protect him, but he didn’t show his face. I don’t think this kind of person has any dignity.

horrible! It’s midnight! This matter must be taken seriously! Agree, please like!

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