5 Hairstyle Trends This Spring And Summer, Just Show The Haircut To The Designer!

5 hairstyle trends this spring and summer, just show the haircut to the designer!

I believe that everyone will often run out of inspiration when cutting their hair, and they dare not ask the designer to help you change the style, because they are afraid that they will not be their ideal type after cutting, so they have to stick to the original hairstyle. But in fact, as long as you grasp the following 5 major principles, even if you are too lazy to dress up, you can easily become a handsome guy. We recommend 5 hairstyle trends this spring and summer for everyone. Next time you cut your hair, just show it to the designer!

Stop being a gentleman!

oily hair style

The popular hairstyles in the past few years seem to be slowly disappearing, replacing the fluffy and oily hair that is not like the oily back comb. Just brush the bangs up and back to draw out the lines, without deliberately combing too much to fit, naturally. The fluffy feeling can be divided into left and right sides. The length of the hair on both sides can be slightly shortened, and it can be pulled out of the upper part of the hair. If you have the habit of using hair products, you can choose a shiny and pull-out style. Line sense.


Variation of chestnut head!

short haircut

The popularity of Park Seo-joon’s hairstyle has become crazy. In the past, people would think that this hairstyle was too stupid. After Park Seo-joon, the hero of “Itaewon CLASS”, put on this hairstyle, the cute and cute chestnut hairstyle became popular in an instant. The sides are trimmed, the top hair is combed forward smoothly, and the length of the bangs is about in the middle of the forehead . Although it looks a bit dull at first glance, it is very attractive after a few more glances. Many boys wear this kind of hairstyle . Hairstyle!

Warm handsome guy in power!

Medium-length curly hairstyle


In recent years, Korean dramas have become popular, and the hairstyles of European dads are more popular this year. This type of curly hair gives people a warm man’s vision, which is very in line with the atmosphere of spring, and there are other people’s straight hair. Curly hair can make girls notice at a glance You, and micro-curly is just right for boys, you don’t need to spend too much time to organize, you can go out quickly as long as you grab it, so you want to change your hairstyle? It should be very good to try a slightly curly hairstyle!

The popular inch head evolves again!

long hair

Last year’s most popular hairstyle was the ‘inch head’. This year, the long inch head is extended with a longer length. If your face has obvious edges and corners, it is very suitable for this masculine hairstyle.


Don’t give up trying this hairstyle because you don’t have a round head shape or a long face shape. You can trim the sides and adjust the length of the upper hair freely. Of course, you can also shave the line to increase the momentum. You can also grow a beard to change your face shape. It’s just that because it is easy to get longer and lose the sense of shape, it needs to be trimmed from time to time!

Changing hairstyles really sucks! This time, I will help everyone to organize it. I will open this article next time I cut my hair!

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