45-year-old Ma Yili Plays A Girl Again! Teach You How To Underestimate The Hairstyle

45-year-old Ma Yili plays a girl again! Teach you how to underestimate the hairstyle

Don’t underestimate the role of hairstyle, it can even determine a person’s temperament and appearance. For example, girls with a round face are very suitable for partial collarbone hair, which can easily create a sense of elegance and sophistication, while wide faces choose wavy curls or The figure-eight bangs are used for modification, which will make the entire face line look smoother and achieve the purpose of showing a small face. 45-year-old Ma Yili plays a girl again! Wearing a wig with bangs and wearing a coat to pretend to be a tender overturned car, the sense of age is obvious

Moreover, hairstyle is not only related to face shape, but also different age requirements for hairstyle. For example, young girls can take the cute and playful route, air bangs, and bob hair can be easily controlled, but mature women are often not suitable for reducing age and showing tenderness. hairstyles, such as Qi Liuhai, Ma Yili provides us with a very typical negative example.

Negative example: wearing a bangs wig as a girl overturned

Recently, a group of Reuters photos of Ma Yili’s new drama have been exposed on the Internet. This drama is based on the novel “Dong Ni”. In the original work, the heroine is a young girl in her early 20s, and Ma Yili, who is 45 years old this year, plays the role of a girl. Naturally, it cannot fit the image well, so the stylist chose a wavy wig with Qi Liuhai for her.

Disadvantages: Qi bangs are too heavy, obviously contrary to harmony

However, this style did not achieve the ideal age reduction effect. On the one hand, it was because the headgear was too heavy, especially the bangs were arranged very densely, and the eyebrows were covered up, which would look very bulky.

On the other hand, Qi Liuhai has greatly shortened the distance from the eyebrows to the forehead, making Ma Yili’s originally recognizable face shape ordinary, which greatly reduces her beauty.

Positive example: thin bangs + short hair, capable and elegant

In comparison, Ma Yili’s own short hair and bangs are obviously more brilliant. Although she also added Qi bangs, it is not so thick and has a strong sense of air. After thinning, there is no cover for the eyebrows. Better to show her maturity and elegance.

Moreover, Ma Yili with short hair is obviously more capable and refreshing, especially when the short hair just reaches her ears, it will have an extension effect after matching with metal earrings. For her own wide jawline, there will be a good cutting modification. , more attractive.

Although the hairstyle is overturned, the styling in the play is still elegant, whether it is the color matching or the layering between the items, it is very meaningful for reference.

Dressing Highlight 01: The top is wide and the bottom is closed, showing height and showing off your figure

The upper body is mainly white, and the loose sweater is matched with the cocoon coat of the same color, creating a full of lazy Korean heroine.

The black leather pants on the lower body use a micro-flare design. The upper part of the short hair is treated with a wig . The fluffy towel makes the whole look full of layers.

Dressing Highlight 02: Classic White + Black Combination, Simple and Timeless

In the color of clothing, the following three tips are used

①Similar color combination

The upper part is all white, but some adjustments have been made in terms of brightness. The brightness increases from the inside to the outside, forming a good transition effect. Although the colors are harmonious and unified, they are rich. .

②Contrast color combination

In the whole set of styling, contrasting colors are used. The upper body is dominated by simple and atmospheric white, and the lower body is composed of calm and classic black. The contrast between one black and one white is obvious . How to wear a wig for short hair , and there is also a sense of contrast between It helps to make the shape more attractive.

③The combination of upper shallow and lower deep

The last point is to use a combination of upper light and lower depth. The white items on the upper body ensure the brightness of the shape and avoid dullness and dullness. The black extension of the lower body can further stretch the legs and make the legs line. It looks more outstanding in proportion to the body, and achieves the effect of being taller and thinner.

45-year-old Ma Yili is addicted to acting as a girl? Dai Qi’s wig with bangs is too tender, but her figure is really good

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