02. Which Wigs Are The Most Cost-effective? (picture)

02. Which wigs are the most cost-effective? (picture)

Secret: How much is the brand of wigs made of real hair 02. Which wigs are the most cost-effective? According to its wig, you can identify the quality. In the case of identification, you can use a lighter to burn two hairs to see. If you smell a distinct pungent odor, then there is no doubt that this wig It is a fake and shoddy product, and some people can also adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to a higher temperature and blow it on the wig for a few minutes. If it is a real-life version of the wig made of real hair , it is generally not easy to have any abnormalities. Yes, but if it is other raw materials, there will be a pungent smell. There are many reasons for hair loss. If you want to increase your hair, you must first find out which type of hair loss you belong to. The reasons for hair loss are roughly divided into three types, staying up late and stressful, seborrheic alopecia, and hereditary hair loss. If it’s just the hair loss caused by staying up late, you can recuperate it and eat more nuts, vegetables, fish and other foods to regenerate your hair. If it is seborrheic alopecia and alopecia caused by genetics, then it is basically impossible to regenerate hair. It is recommended…

The wig still has to choose woven hair replacement products. I was in a physical store on Baidu search. At that time, it was made according to my own head shape. I have a relatively large size, and there is no suitable size for me. After the trimming, I still felt a little unaccustomed to it at the time. The hair stylist in the store said that I should look in the mirror more and get used to it, and think about it myself. After all, I’m used to seeing the previous image. After wearing it for a week, I like it more and more, and I dare to take it out. Maybe it’s a habit. Thinking about what they said was right, my colleagues around me didn’t find out, and I was still very confident after wearing a handmade wig. It’s not stuffy either, which may be related to the fact that the bottom of the net is a layer of net, and the scalp still feels when the wind blows. In traditional Chinese medicine, kidney governs hair, supplementing kidney qi can reduce hair loss and promote hair regeneration. Black food has the effect of invigorating the kidney, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame and so on. For specific circumstances, you can consult the hospital, and follow the doctor’s advice for details!

The hair extension piece is also divided into mechanism and hand-woven technology. The mechanism can be worn for about 1 year, and the hand-woven hair replacement with good quality can be used for 3 to 5 years. Okay, the specific lifespan also depends on the maintenance method. Pay attention to the correct washing and care process, do not rub and wash from top to bottom, and use hair mask and conditioner for maintenance, which can prolong the life of the wig. , Regional wigs: Just like the two peas that are common now, that is the regional wig. When it comes to regional wigs, it has to be said that French wavy wigs are completely designed according to the unique face shape of the French. Every French has a different wig that looks exactly like the old style but is actually a Mai pattern. The same goes for regional wigs. Their unique style is loved by people all over the world. Regional wigs are designed for different skin tones in different countries. Westerners generally have longer faces, so there are specially matched wigs to deal with them, while Africans generally have black skin tones, so most wigs are brown, especially in China and Southeast Asia, where black hair is generally considered very Pretty, so black wigs are usually favored by regions.

Jason wig short-haired beauties also want to try the floating feeling of long hair, but their hair has not grown out for a year and a half. Wig sets came into being, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of “changing your head”. So, what details should we pay attention to when choosing and using wig sets? When buying a wig, you should choose a color similar to your hair, so that even if the original hair is accidentally exposed, the color difference won’t attract attention. Choose a wig that is tight and tight, otherwise it will cause scalp discomfort. In addition to choosing your preferred color and style, you should also double-check the size and quality of the hair guard. I was happy with everything before buying it. It should also be noted that the wig should be relatively thin on the temples and forehead to fit the skin. Be sure to keep the wig clean. The color and softness of T wigs are easily affected by dust and other pollutants in the air, so they should be cleaned frequently, especially in summer when there is a lot of sweat and dust. For wigs made with real hair before wearing a wig , the hair should be combed flat, then the hair should be firmly fixed, and then the hair clips should be clamped. , Jason wig is commendable for its comfort. It is extremely breathable thanks to the use of real human hair and biomimetic protein material. After using the physical enhancement technology, it feels relaxed and comfortable, just like its own human hair. Is braiding hair bad for people? Anyone who has worn a wig knows that wigs can feel very uncomfortable, hot, uncomfortable like a hat, and breathable. Over time, their hair can suffer. Many people even experience more severe hair loss from wearing wigs. Therefore, very few people wear wigs every day.

Hair braiding is completely different. The bio-proteins used for hair weaving are similar to real scalps. It is very light and thin, has a biological affinity with its own skin, does not feel uncomfortable when used, has good air permeability, and does not harm the scalp, so the braided hair product is completely harmless to the human body, and there will be no problem in long-term use. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing. Wait until the wig is dry before combing it! The best comb is a steel comb. Don’t comb to the end. Comb lightly! When combing a long wig, divide the wig into sections and comb it from bottom to top. Be gentle and patient! If the wig has been used for a long time and is difficult to knot and comb, don’t pull too hard. You should spray your wig with a special oil-free conditioner and open it slowly and carefully! MMs, be careful not to spray gel water, hair wax and other styling hair on real wigs! A small amount of hair loss during grooming and wearing is normal! , The products of weaving and hair replacement are better. Many artists’ hairstyles seen on the silver screen are the effect of wearing hair replacement products. For example, they need to shave their heads after a Qing Dynasty drama, but there is another scene to be filmed. It is necessary to wear replacement hair. The replacement product is a high-end wig product made by real human hair. The material of real human hair itself gives people a natural texture, which will not be seen. Coupled with pure handcraft, it can be crocheted. As long as the middle-aged and elderly women are not greedy for cheapness, wearing a handmade wig for a long time will not affect their hair, because they must choose the ultra-thin hairnet to wear them comfortably for a long time. There are wigs specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people. The hair is made of real human hair, and there is a simulated scalp on the top of the head. The hair volume is not too thick, and the cost performance is relatively high. .., Today, with the rapid development of the economy, stress causes many young people to lose their hair regularly.

Well, the main reason for this phenomenon is stress. People are in a state of stress that can easily lead to hair loss in the long run. If there are symptoms on the hair, maintenance is required when wearing a wig, such as baldness, baldness, thinning hair, etc. Not only people with symptoms need to maintain wigs, but those who love beauty also need to be maintained. If the wig is not maintained and cleaned effectively, it is easy to multiply, and the lifespan of our wig will be shortened in the long run, so how to maintain the wig? How long can I wear it? For those who have just worn wigs, it is very important to have a set of methods for maintaining wigs. Maintaining your wig will not only prolong the life of your wig, it will also prevent loss of comfort and hair loss. Coincidentally, while I was browsing Moments in the morning, I found some tips on maintaining wigs. Now I’m going to share it with my hair friends.

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